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Welcome back to school! What joy it brings to see young people be so excited about school, especially an after school program like YOSAL. These students are ready to start a year filled with orchestra music in their hearts. This will help them for the rest of their lives. For more go to

Greetings families and friends! Our Spring Concert is less than two weeks away! For this year’s concert we will be partnering with the Kinship Center’s Family Ties program and helping collect school supplies for their annual back to school event. Admission is free for our concert, but we ask that you please bring a school supply as a donation with you to support this cause. For more info on the Kinship Center and Family Ties click here. . .

Kinship Center provides support services to relatives caring for family members’ children when birth parents are unable or unwilling to provide that care because of illness, drug addiction, imprisonment, or death. The goal of these services is to increase the chances for children’s success by building the capacity of kin caregivers to meet their health, financial, social, emotional, and child rearing challenges. Kinship Center is particularly noted for its in-depth education and support for parents and caregivers.

Our Spring Concert will feature both our Pre-Orchestra and Orchestra programs, and will take place on Wednesday, May 16th @ 6:30pm at The Western Stage at Hartnell College. Check the flyer for more info. Hope to see you there!

Check out some photos from our three Winter Concerts this past month!





PRE-ORCHESTRA WINTER CONCERT (held at CSUMB @ Salinas City Center):




We’re prepping for our back-to-back Winter Concerts in December for both Pre-Orchestra and Orchestra. Mark your calendars – Wednesday, 12/13/17 @ 6:30pm (Pre-Orchestra) and Thursday, 12/14/17 @ 6:30pm (Orchestra). See the flyers below for more details. We hope to see you at both!

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